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Syntheses and Characterizations of Some New N-alkyl, Isoxazole and Dioxazole Derivatives of 5-Chloroisatin
( Vol-3,Issue-8,August 2017 )


Z. Tribak, M.K. Skalli, O. Senhaji, Y. Kandri. Rodi


1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition, 4-Chlorobenzaldoxime N-alkylation, <sup>1</sup>H NMR, <sup>13</sup>C NMR


N-alkyl and cycloadducts derivatives of 5-Chloroisatin were synthesized in good to excellent yields. The method evidences a selective N-alkylation when using 1,2-bis (2-chloroethoxy) ethane as efficient spacer at room temperature on the 5-Chloroisatin moiety. A general method for the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of 4-Chlorobenzaldoxime to alkynes provides a useful alternative route to get newisoxazole et dioxazole derivatives.

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