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A Modified Binary Encryption Algorithm based on Diffuse Representation
( Vol-3,Issue-8,August 2017 )


Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, R. Arthy, M. Sivasankari, B. Jegajothi, Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik


BER, Encryption, Private Key Encryption, PSNR, Symmetric Encryption.


In the era of Internet, the multimedia data can be used by anyone. There is a chance that unintended users get access to the data so, encryption is needed to hide the multimedia data from the unauthorized users. This paper proposes a modified binary encryption algorithm based on diffuse representation. Here a binary image is XORed with a random matrix and is divided into more number of non-overlapping sub-images. The modified encryption algorithm will produce an encrypted image with ¼th of dimension and increased number of bits. The proposed encryption algorithm is a symmetric encryption algorithm. The number of keys generated is equal to the number of non-overlapping sub-images. The key shall be transmitted by a private key encryption algorithm. The encryption of the key is not of interest in this paper. The proposed algorithm has high performance that it gives BER as 0% and infinite PSNR. Even grayscale images can be encrypted using this algorithm considering each bit-plane as a binary image.

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