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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Publication Policies and Ethics

Responsibility of Editor and Editorial Board

The editor has to maintain the integrity of the published article.

  • The editor should be responsible for carrying out complete review process and must supervise the process carefully.
  • An editor should be responsible for forwarding the article to the respective reviewer who had the same working field.
  • An Editor should evaluate article without biasing of gender, work, religion, citizenship, the political philosophy of the author.
  • An Editor must not disclose the identity of the author to the reviewer and vice-versa.

Responsibility of Author

  • Before submitting any article author must check the scope of the Journal.
  • Authors are expected to submit an original article and must follow plagiarism policy of the Journal.
  • Submitted article neither be published nor be in the review process of any other Journal.
  • Author has to follow the paper format of the journal before submitting any article. The author must go through guidelines, prescribed by the publisher.
  • Authors should strictly adhere to the authorship criteria, as all the authors must have some significant contribution in the article.
  • The author must mention references properly.
  • Principal author must return copyright form with signature of all the authors.
  • In the review, process author can be asked about any input/ supporting document to the article and he/she must be prepared for it.
  • The author must mention funding if any.

Responsibility of Reviewer

  • The reviewer must not share any content or information related to the article to any person.
  • The reviewer must be competent to the related field. If he/ she don’t feel competent enough then he/she must deny reviewing the article.
  • The reviewer must identify the positive and negative aspects of the work so that author can work in that direction.
  • The reviewer must take a fair decision on scientific merit, relevance to the subject, the scope of the journal and should not be biased to the type of work.
  • If the reviewer knows about any duplication content then he/she must inform editor immediately.
  • The reviewer must inform the editor regarding conflict of interest if any.
  • The reviewer must take care of timeliness, so that paper could be published as soon as possible if appropriate.


Retraction/ Removal Guidelines

Journal is very serious to maintain the integrity of the journal. The editor is responsible for taking decision that which article has to be published or which is not, to take this decision editorial board and Publication Policies helps him/her and editor take the best decision as per circumstances. But sometimes due to some unavoidable reasons article has to be retracted or removed from the journal. It must not be taken lightly and strict action must be taken.

  • If the article is in reviewing process and any represents infringements of professional ethical codes such as duplicate submission, plagiarism, a bogus claim of authorship, misuse of data, the editor must withdraw that article for further processing.
  • If the editor finds Infringements of professional ethical codes, such as duplicate submissions, the bogus claim of authorship, or any error in the article then paper must be retracted and the message must be displayed on the website.


Principles of Transparency

  • Journal clearly states that this is double blind peer reviewed journal. Peer review is defined clearly on the journal website.
  • Journal has complete detail of editor board with verifiable contact address.
  • Fees to publish an article id clearly stated on the journal website.
  • Copyright and licensing information are clearly stated on the website.
  • The journal’s website (www.ijaems.com) demonstrates that care has been taken to ensure high ethical and professional standards.

Reference: https://publicationethics.org

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