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Design and Development of a Single Channel Analyzer with Microcontroller Based Controlled Output
( Vol-3,Issue-6,June 2017 )


M. N. Islam, H. Akhter, M. Begum, K. Asaduzzaman, M. S. Alam, M. A. S. Haque, M. Hoq


Integral Discriminator, Differential Discriminator, Comparator, PIC Microcontroller and MPLAB IDE.


Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) is a most common device used in today’s nuclear world. Therefore, A SCA with microcontroller based controlled output has been proposed in this article. The system comprises of Lower Level Discriminator (LLD), Upper Level Discriminator (ULD), wide dynamic range, Fast Processing and Hysteresis. The Comparator LM339N used as the key component that performs the main function of the proposed nuclear module. The multi-turn potentiometers have been used as LLD and ULD for the incoming linear pulses from shaping amplifier. The system has also employ the Hysteresis facilities so that oscillations due to stray feedback are not possible. A lower pin and less housing PIC microcontroller (P16F676) has been used to control the width and time delay of the output pulses.

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