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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

A Novel Approach for Eye Tracking using Driver Fatigue Monitoring

( Vol-2,Issue-11,November 2016 )

Author(s): Ms. Neha Bhalerao, Ms. Snehal S. Sawant, Ms. Dipali C. Pathade, Ms. Vandana S. Singh, Prof. K. S. Kumavat

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Page No: 1870-1873
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Fatigue detection, Driver Performance, driver Safety, Driver Monitoring System, Camera, Vibrator, Buzzer, Power Supply, micro controller series ,max 232,RED LED ,Green Led ,RF Transceiver.


System describes a real-time online trial product driver-fatigue monitor or driver tiredness is captured. It means to capture the current state or mode of tiredness of driver whether the driver is in sleeping state or in wakening state. It uses remotely located charge-coupled-device cameras able to with active infrared illumination to acquire video images of the driver. Various cues that typically stated the level of attentiveness of a person that how an person is attentive are removed or take out in real time and systematic combined to infer the tiredness level of the driver. The some cues employed stated eyelid movement, steady movement, head movement, and facial expression. This is developed to model human fatigue and to know about fatigue based on the visual cues obtained. The simultaneous use of multiple optical cues and their methodical combination yields a much more robust and accurate fatigue categorization than using a single visual cue. This system was valid as real-life fatigue conditions with human subjects of different cultural backgrounds, genders, and ages as with or without glasses, and under different illumination conditions. It was found to be sensibly robust, reliable, and accurate in fatigue categorization.

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