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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

An Analysis of the Influential Advantage of Bio Treatment over Mechanical Processing In Conversion of Cr (VI) To Cr (III) In Leather Industry Using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

( Vol-2,Issue-7,July 2016 )

Author(s): Dr. Nivetha Martin, Dr. C. Mabel Joshaline

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Page No: 1037-1040
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Cr VI, Cr III, Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Bioremediation.


The economy of any nation is determined by the development of its industrial sectors. One of the most vibrant industries is leather industry. The process of it comprises of three stages among which tanning is the core action as it gives glow to the product. But, at the same time the material Chromium used for tanning indeed exploit the environment as it has toxic effects on all the organisms. The discharge of effluents contains Chromium (Cr) VI which is very hazardous; therefore the industries apply certain mechanical filtration process of converting Cr VI to Cr III which is comparatively less harmful than Cr VI. The execution of such mechanical processing is not practically feasible so industries have begun to drift towards bio treatment. In general, the literature of earlier works sketch out many merits of switching from mechanical to bio processing, but the most influencing merit has not yet clearly stated. Therefore this research work is an effort of determining it so as to stimulate it for mitigating the toxicity in a most comprehensive manner. In order to accomplish this task systematically, the mathematical tool, Fuzzy Cognitive Map is used in this paper.

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