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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Capacity Building Program for Non-Revenue Water Reduction Techniques in India

( Vol-1,Issue-7,October 2015 )

Author(s): Shubham Shah

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Page No: 08-11
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Non Revenue water (NRW), Real Losses, Leak Detection, and Water Balance Chart


Water is precious! The access to safe water in India has commendably improved from 72% in 1990 to 94% in 2014. Delay in providing facilities to counterbalance the population growth and water demand is the major problem in India. Water loss in water distribution systems in an important issue in India. Studies indicate that up to 50-60 percent of treated and pumped water in lost during transit form water treatment plant to consumer end. It has, therefore, attracted a lot of attention of practioners and the researchers as well over the past few years. High levels of non-revenue water (NRW) reflect huge volumes of water lost through physical and apparent loss components, not being invoiced to customers. It seriously affects the financial viability of water utilities through lost revenue and increased costs. The overall objective of a distribution system is to deliver wholesome water to consumers at adequate residual pressure in sufficient quantity and achieve continuity and maximum coverage by reducing losses. A case study of 4-pilot sites of Jaipur city was taken for NRW study. This paper provides a review of the issues and strategy pertaining to reduction of NRW with special reference to India and the necessity of evolving appropriate performance indicator

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