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Comprehensive Review of the Investigation of Anthropogenic and Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Different Parts of Bangladesh
( Vol-4,Issue-7,July 2018 )


M. N. Islam, H. Akhter, M. Begum, M. Kamal


Radionuclides, Radioactivity, Activity Concentration, Radiological Parameters, Gamma Spectrometry.


Authors attempt to depict a survey of anthropogenic 137Cs and naturally occurring radionuclides (226Ra, 228Th, 232Th, 214Bi, 208TI, 40K) in undistributed soil, water, ship scrapped materials such as metal, rubber and foam and tree bark of ship breaking area, cynoglossids i.e. tongue soles and tea leaves collected from different parts of Bangladesh for detecting health hazards, environmental protection and radiation safety of the public. The assessment of such radionuclides in these samples is utmost important due to nuclear test and accident, fallout and disposal of radioactive wastes. These radiotracers have been investigated by using laboratory-based Gamma Spectrometry for Food and Environmental Samples. The observation of activity concentrations for 137Cs, 226Ra, 228Th,232Th, 214Bi, 208TI and 40K have been presented in Bq.Kg-1. The others radiological parameters such as gamma ray dose rate (nGyh-1), Radium Equivalent Dose (Raeq) Bq.Kg-1, Representative Level Index (lr) Bq.Kg-1 and Transfer Factor (TF) %. The Radiation Hazard Index (Hx) Bq.Kg-1 also has been presented.

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