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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Content Distribution with Dynamic Migration of Services for Minimum Cost using AES

( Vol-2,Issue-12,December 2016 )

Author(s): P.Siva Rajesh

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Page No: 2161-2164
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Content Delivery Networks, Content Distribution, AES.


Content Delivery Networks are the key for today’s internet content delivery. Users are knowingly or unknowingly accessing the CDN via internet. No matter how much the data retrieved by the user it may contain the CDN hand behind every character of text and every pixel of image. CDN came into existence to solve the delay problem. The moment when a user requests for a web page and the response delivered to the corresponding users web browser facing a huge delay. The main goal of this paper is content distribution of web services to multiple data centers placed in different geographical locations and providing security. A content distribution service is a major part of popular Internet applications. In proposed system hybrid clouds are used i.e., both private cloud as well as public cloud. One data center is allocated to each region. Providing security to the data is always an important issue because of the critical nature of the cloud and very large amount of complicated data it carries. To provide security cipher text policy algorithm is used. Authentication technique is used to verify the user authentication. If the user is authorized to access services then and only he receives configuration key to use.

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