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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Dataset Pre-Processing and Artificial Augmentation, Network Architecture and Training Parameters used in Appropriate Training of Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification Based Computer Vision Applications: A Survey

( Vol-2,Issue-9,September 2016 )

Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Annamraju

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Page No: 1506-1519
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artificial dataset augmentation, autonomous vehicle navigation, biomedical image processing, convolutional neural networks, pre-processing.


Training a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based classifier is dependent on a large number of factors. These factors involve tasks such as aggregation of apt dataset, arriving at a suitable CNN network, processing of the dataset, and selecting the training parameters to arrive at the desired classification results. This review includes pre-processing techniques and dataset augmentation techniques used in various CNN based classification researches. In many classification problems, it is usually observed that the quality of dataset is responsible for proper training of CNN network, and this quality is judged on the basis of variations in data for every class. It is not usual to find such a pre-made dataset due to many natural concerns. Also it is recommended to have a large dataset, which is again not usually made available directly as a dataset. In some cases, the noise present in the dataset may not prove useful for training, while in others, researchers prefer to add noise to certain images to make the network less vulnerable to unwanted variations. Hence, researchers use artificial digital imaging techniques to derive variations in the dataset and clear or add noise. Thus, the presented paper accumulates state-of-the-art works that used the pre-processing and artificial augmentation of dataset before training. The next part to data augmentation is training, which includes proper selection of several parameters and a suitable CNN architecture. This paper also includes such network characteristics, dataset characteristics and training methodologies used in biomedical imaging, vision modules of autonomous driverless cars, and a few general vision based applications.

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