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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Design, Analysis and Optimization of Collapsible Steering Column

( Vol-2,Issue-8,August 2016 )

Author(s): Imran J. Shaikh, M. Shakebuddin

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Page No: 1346-1350
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Energy absorbing steering column (EASC).


In the present scenario transportation has become an important parameter thus it requires the implementation of safety factors in the automobile at low cost which can be afforded even by a common man. Our project deals with the idea of implementing energy absorbing steering column in the car which helps to absorb the impact experienced by the driver during the time of collision at low cost. Energy Absorbing Steering Column (Collapsible steering column) is a kind of Steering Column which minimizes the injury of the driver during a car accident by collapse or breaking particular part of system. Up to now, Steering Column in Crash Analysis had no way to describe these 'Collapse' or 'Slip' by the Axial and Lateral Forces from driver. In this project, I have created a new Steering Column using a Detailed FE Model which can describe such collapse behavior. In this project, I have been modify rigid steering column of Maruti-Alto into collapsible steering column for to save human life during frontal impact.

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