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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Design and Simulation of Photonic Crystal Fiber with Low Dispersion Coefficient in Band Terahertz

( Vol-5,Issue-4,April 2019 )

Author(s): Saba Soltani, Saeed Biderang, Nemat Azimi

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Page No: 290-295
ijaems crossref doiDOI: 10.22161/ijaems.5.4.9


photonic crystal fiber, dispersion, refractive index, substrate.


In this paper, a hexagonal solid state photonic crystal fiber at frequency 10 THz is presented. First, by finding the main conductive model and its dispersion rate to evaluate dispersion changes based on the fixed changes of fiber network in the main mode with the goal of achieving the lowest dispersion rate. In the next section, dispersion variations are measured and evaluated based on changes in the size of the radius of the cavities of the photonic crystal fiber area. Then the fiber-forming cavities of the fiber region have become elliptical geometry, and the size of the disintegration has been discussed for this change. Finally, by changing the refractive index of the fiber substrate region, the size of the disintegration has been investigated. For the geometries of all the steps that have the least disintegration, an optimized structure is obtained. In this way, the proposed structure has a dispersion rate of -75×〖10〗^(-3) ps/(nm km), which is a good fit for similar designs.

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