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Determination of Nitrogen Quantities in the Aminoacid Fertilizer with Kjeldahl Device
( Vol-5,Issue-2,February 2019 )




Aminoacid fertilizer, nitrogen, Kjeldahl device, Nitrogen meter.


Nitrogen is the most important feed source for plants an essential element for plant growth and development (LiuCW et al.- 2014) because the cells are made of nitrogen. It is seen enhance in plant growth in the absence of nitrogen. Therefore, the most important nutrient source of the plant is nitrogen containing fertilizers. Fertilizers are divided into two main parts; organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are healthier than chemical fertilizer because it does not conclude chemical substance. All cells are eminent from protein and many of amino acids carry out protein sequence. And amino acids has nitrogen (N) element In general, the nitrogen element is derived from amino acids in organic fertilizer sources from animal waste or vinasse. Nitrogen analysis is the most healthy method to determine with Kjeldahl instrument. The Kjeldahldevice is a nitrogen meter that determines the amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer. The nitrogen content of the Kjeldahlapparatus was determined by the amount of amino acids contained in the extract. Amino acids used as commercial fertilizers are amino acids used in the L- conformation in optical conditions, which are generally produced in laboratory conditions. Lysine is the main one.

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