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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Development of an Advanced Technique for Historical Document Preservation

( Vol-1,Issue-8,November 2015 )

Author(s): Latika Kumawat, Navneet Agrawal

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Page No: 13-17
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Filter, Historical document, Noise, Noise removal method, Noise level estimation


In this paper, technique used for historical document preservation is explored. In this paper a noise estimation technique is applied to know noise standard deviation. We first estimate or detect level of noise present in noisy images by selecting weak textured patches in image on the basis of gradient matrix and its statistical properties, then eliminate that noise through non local means(NLM) denoising technique that will use estimated noise level as filtering parameter for eliminating noise from the image. This technique is based on weighted average of the similar pixels in historical image. Non local means techniques removes noise from images without taking care of noise level ,it is mandatory to take care of noise level for best preserving Historical document images.

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