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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Development of Piezoelectric Nano- generator with Super-Capacitor

( Vol-2,Issue-12,December 2016 )

Author(s): Vasu Panchal,Avi Gupta ,Mili Gandhi, NileshRathod

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Page No: 1960-1962
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super capacitor, piezoelectric, sensors.


Harvesting mechanical energy from human motion is an attractive approach for obtaining clean and sustainable electric energy to power wearable sensors, which are widely used for health monitoring, activity recognition, gait analysis and so on. This paper studies a piezoelectric energy based device which conserve mechanical energy in shoes originated from human motion. The device is based on a on a pressure based energy generation. Besides, consideration is given to both high performance durability and build with repect to keeping the comfort in mind . The device provides an average output power of 1 mW during a walk at a frequency of roughly 1 Hz., a direct current (DC) power supply is built through integrating the device with a power management circuit.

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