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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Evaluation of a Twin-Fluid Nozzle for Precision Air-Assisted Agro-Chemical Application

( Vol-2,Issue-5,May 2016 )

Author(s): Adewunmi Taiwo

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Page No: 508-513
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Distribution pattern, Pressurized air stream, Spraying, Turndown ratio, Twin fluid nozzle.


The purpose of agrochemical application is to provide nutrients for plant growth and to control weeds, insects and other crop pests as well as plant and animal disease pathogens. The objective of this study was to fabricate a twin fluid nozzle (TFN) and evaluate its distribution pattern for on-the-go precision air-assisted agricultural chemical application. The fabricated nozzle prototype was mounted on a test rig in the laboratory with a view to determine its distribution pattern at various liquid pressures and flow rates while the air pressure was kept constant in the first instance.Thereafter, the distribution pattern was also determined for varying air pressure while keeping the liquid flow rate and pressure constant.It was concluded that independent control of liquid flow rates and spray distribution pattern was achieved by a combination of controlling liquid and air pressure. In addition, a flow turndown ratio of 1.414:1 corresponding to 35.34 to 49.98 L/min, at a fixed air pressure was achieved by the TFN and that even spray distribution pattern were observed for 35.34 L/min liquid flow rate and 200 kPa liquid pressure for air pressures below 500 kPa. Although the pattern width was independent of variation in air pressure it decreased by 40 percent as the flow rate decreased from 49.98 to 35.34 L/min.

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