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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Evaluation of Solid Medical Waste Management at Public Health Center in Magetan-East Java Province

( Vol-2,Issue-2,February 2016 )

Author(s): Ika Puspitasari, Roro Azizah

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Page No: 48-57
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Evaluation, solid waste management, Public Health Center, Magetan.


Public Health Center (PHC) is a technical implementation unit of the District Health Office / City who has responsibility for organizing health development in their working area. Public Health Center produces medical waste from treatment room, general clinic, dental clinic, laboratory, and pharmacy. These medical waste can cause injury and infection for everybody, especially the person who works with the medical waste. This research aimed to evaluate the management of solid medical waste at Public Health Centre in Magetan – East Java. This research is an observational descriptive study. The study was conducted in two inpatient public health centers with PONED in Magetan, namely Karangrejo and Maospati. The sample of each health center is 7 respondents consisting of public health center manager, nurse / midwifery, laboratory officer, pharmacist, two people sanitarian, and 1 janitor.<br>The results showed that from 17 variables were assessed in the management of solid medical waste for public health center Karangrejo obtain a score of 41,17% with a value scale enough. Public health center Maospati obtain a score of 35,29% with a value scale less. Public health center Karangrejo had seven variables that qualified. The variables were resources (quantity personnel, facilities, organization), the variable process of implementation (source of waste, waste minimization and sorting). While Public health center Maospati had 6 variables, namely variable resources (quantity of energy, organization), implementation of the process variable (source of waste, waste minimization, segregation and collection). This results indicate that some variables ratings do not meet the requirements, so the Health Department should conduct training / training management of solid medical waste, by inviting the head of the health center, medical personnel, sanitarian and cleaners (cleaning service). Beside that, they had to taking notes mop reports, complete SOP documents, and budgeting for facilities yet exist. Build commitment at the health center to dosorting well, building a temporary storage area representative, handed external transport stage to the stage of final disposal to a third party who has obtained permission solid medical waste treatment from the Ministry of Environment.<br>

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