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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Experimental investigation of Waste Transformer Oil as alternative Fuel in a DI Diesel Engine

( Vol-1,Issue-6,September 2015 )

Author(s): Shubham Singh, C. Syed Aalam, Ankit Kumar

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Page No: 04-09
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Waste transformer oil (WTO), catalytic cracking, Performance, Emissions.


This paper reports on the Waste transformer oil fuel is blended with diesel fuel in different percentage and the effects of their operational characteristics and performance and emission characteristics of the DI diesel engine. In this study, the tested fuels were obtained through catalytic cracking process. Experimental results showed that the flash points and cetane number of the WTO blended diesel have increased with higher concentration of WTO. Based on the experimental results, HC, CO and NOx emissions noticeably decrease, while smoke emissions dramatically increase with increasing the dosing level of WTO. At the full load, the magnitude of HC, CO and NOx emissions for the neat diesel was 120 ppm, 0.36 (%by volume) and 1130ppm, whereas it was 68 ppm, 0.17 (%by volume) and 410ppm for the WTO20 fuel, respectively. The results also showed a significant enhancement in brake thermal efficiency and heat release rate due to the influence of the WTO20 in diesel blend.

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