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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Green Manufacturing - An overview

( Vol-3,Issue-6,June 2017 )

Author(s): Snehal Junnarkar, Geetha S, Ujwala Pandharkar, A. J. Parmar, Meera Kokate

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Page No: 710-714
ijaems crossref doiDOI: 10.24001/ijaems.3.6.15


Green Manufacturing, energy consumption, global warming, industrial pollution.


Data on energy consumption, global warming, and carbon di-oxide levels in the environment, industrial pollution, and population is growing extensively which means there are more and more challenges with less sustainability, which leads to think about Green Manufacturing. Consumerism driven consumption in developed countries and population in developing countries is leading to tremendous demand for goods and services. Fulfilling such ever increasing global demands is putting up the pressures on limited resources viz materials and energy. Unfortunately rate of depletion of material and energy has outgrown the rate at which nature recovers stroke restores them back. With this ever widening gap the day is not far for our future generations to strive for basic needs. To overcome this challenge society must embrace sustainable methodologies and practices. Being the source of maximum industrial pollution manufacturing industries must lead the way toward Green Manufacturing. The paper gives an overview of Green Manufacturing, drivers of Green manufacturing, and case studies of Green manufacturing.

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