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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Impacts of Air Pollution on Human Health, Plant and Vegetation

( Vol-1,Issue-2,May 2015 )

Author(s): Achal Garg, Harinder Yadav

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Page No: 13-15
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Air pollution, chemicals, environment, industrialization


The subject has long been a matter of concern since the industrialization of the country brought in its pollution hazards. The present exposure to the environmental chemicals is more likely to produce toxicity that adult exposure. Subtle functional deviations in the off-springs of exposed mothers may be one of the most sensitive indications of potential harm from environmental chemicals. The air pollutants contaminate air, water and soil, corrode materials, dirty buildings and clothing, harm plants and wild life and affect human health. To determine that an environmental change is going to be unfavorable requires a careful study of ecological system, known as the ecosystem. In an ecosystem the living organisms are inter-related and well-adjusted to their environment, comprising biotic components of plants, animals and microbes. The correlation between growth transitions of green plants, which grow outdoors and are continuously exposed to pollutants, and pollutant concentrations have helped decipher pollution zones. These zones extend in the direction of the prevailing wind, assuming an elliptic shape; the axis of the ellipse being oriented from south-west to north-east direction with the pollution source at the south-west end. In such instances the north-east extension of the ellipse penetrates deep into the natural and rural habitats.

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