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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Implementation of Robotic System Using Speech Recognition Technique based on Neuro-Fuzzy Controller

( Vol-5,Issue-1,January - January 2019 )

Author(s): Zeinab M. Omar, Mohammed Tahseen Alagha, Tawfig Abas, Atif Osman Al Tahir

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Page No: 48-56
ijaems crossref doiDOI: 10.22161/ijaems.5.1.7


Arduino, robot; voice recognition, brain, disabilities, joystick.


Recently, voice becomes one of the methods commonly used to control the electronic appliances, because of easily being reproduced by human compared to other efforts needed to operate to control some other appliances. There are many places which are hard or dangerous to approach by human and there are many people with disabilities do not have the dexterity necessary to control a keypad or a joystick on electrical devices. The aim of this study is to build a mobile robotic system, which can be controlled by analyzing the human voice commands. The robot will identify the voice commands and take action based on received signal. In general, the robotic system consists of the voice recognition module (AD-VR3) which serves as the ear that will listen and interpret the voice command, while the Arduino serve as the brain of the system that will process and coordinate the correct output of the input command to control the robot motors to perform the action.

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