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Intellectual Capital Impact on Organizations’ Performance
( Vol-4,Issue-7,July 2018 )


Sayyed Khawar Abbas, Hafiz Ali Hassan, Zair Mahmood Hashmi, Hafiz Muhammad Junaid, Sikandar Majid, Tanzila Ijaz


Intellectual capital, firms’ performance, service sector, Pakistan.


The abundance of traditional financial evaluation methods reflects historical performances. It is necessary to consider such elements which add value off-balance sheet towards growth. It is argued that there is the difference between book value and market value of a firm, and that difference could be explained by intellectual capital profile. The study is proposed to investigate the impact of six intellectual capital elements human capital, structural capital, customer capital, technology capital, social capital and spiritual capital on the overall performance of the firms. The impactis diagnosed. A developed questionnaire is used to conduct the study. Correlation analysis depicts the data, OLS is used to conduct the analysis.

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