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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Mapping Hydrothermal Mineral Deposits Using PCA and BR Methods in Baft 1:100000 Geological Sheet, Iran

( Vol-2,Issue-9,September 2016 )

Author(s): Amirmohammad Abhary, Hossein Hassani

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Page No: 1433-1438
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Baft, Hydrothermal Alteration; OLI, Band Ratio, PCA


Evaluating the conventional methods for mapping hydrothermal altered deposits by using landsat-8 OLI images in the Baft one to one hundred thousand geological Sheet is the prime target of our study. We used the color composite, band ratio, principal component analysis. The color composite and band ratio methods showed very clearly the hydrothermal altered deposits of clay minerals, iron oxides and ferric oxides around the fumaroles. The principal component analysis also enabled us to represent undoubtedly the altered hydroxyl and iron oxide mineral deposits of this region concentrating around the fumaroles. Finally, the target detection method for reference spectral analysis by using EnvI 4.8 detected the representative hydrothermal altered minerals around study area. Therefore, all the methods showed high efficiency for mapping hydrothermal altered mineral deposits.

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