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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Method for Enhancement of Coexistence Between E-GSM and CDMA Systems in Border Areas

( Vol-2,Issue-8,August 2016 )

Author(s): Georgian Grigore

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Page No: 1218-1223
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E-GSM, CDMA, spectrum engineering, co-existence method.


This paper presents a possible method for enhancement of co-existence of an E-GSM system based network with a CDMA sustem based network, in border area between two countries. Since the frequency bands allocated for the deployment of previous mentioned networks can partially overlap and due to the fact that the downlink frequency band of CDMA system is in the same frequrency band as the uplink of E-GSM system, the co-existence of the systems represents a challenge for the spectrum enineering process. In this paper a method for sharing the frequency band between the two countries under discussion is presented, in order to offer an equitable access to limited spectrum resources. Under this approach, there are settled common technical principles of a coordination procedure between country A and country B.

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