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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Mining Consumer Knowledge from Shopping Experience: A case study on Indian E_Commerce Industry

( Vol-1,Issue-6,September 2015 )

Author(s): Dr. M.Suresh Babu, Dr. D.Asha Devi, Mr. Mohammad Raziuddin

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Page No: 10-17
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Consumer knowledge, data mining, E_Commerce, association rules, clustering.


E_Commerce becomes far much popular in recent years. E Commerce nowadays is almost everywhere. People go through online ; meanwhile, they are more and more accustomed to buy goods via E_Commerce channel. - The E-Commerce web sites are facing lots of problems today. Customers prefer traditional way to purchase the products and not from E-Commerce web sites. If we see the history of E-Commerce, then we get that E-Commerce is the purpose of Internet and the web to conduct business Even in recession, it is thriving and has become one of the most important consumption modes. This study uses cluster analysis to identify the profiles of E_Commerce consumers. The rules between E_Commerce spokespersons and commodities from consumers are recognized by using association analysis. Depicting the marketing knowledge map of spokespersons, the best endorsement portfolio is found out to make recommendations. By the analysis of spokespersons, period, customer profiles and products, four business modes of E_Commerce are proposed for consumers: new product, knowledge, low price and luxury product; the related recommendations are also provided for the industry reference.

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