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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Operational Management of Chromium Recycling From Tannery Wastewater

( Vol-2,Issue-10,October 2016 )

Author(s): M Badar, Fatima Batool, Muhammad Idrees, M Ahsan Zia, Hafiz Reehan Iqbal

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Page No: 1719-1724
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Economical Recovery, Chromium, Tanning, Chemicals, Recycling.


Operational management is an important step in production process of a chemical reaction for getting good quality of yield with economical way as taken in recycling of chromium from tannery waste. It is most widely used the Chromium (III) salts as a chemicalin the process of tanning. Only 60%-70% of chromium salt is used to reacts with theskins and hides but 30%-40% of remaining chromium chemicals are wasted in form of the solid and liquid (as a tanning solutions). Consequently, the recoveryand recycling of the chromium metal content of existed wastewaters is essential for economic reasons and environmental protection. Recycling and recovery of chromium metal is supported by using chemical precipitation methods. For achieving this special aim, calcium hydroxide plus alum and magnesium oxide are used as two precipitating agents. This is a confirmatory Study on the effects of stirring time, pH, sludge and settling rate volume in batch experiments. These Results are showed that the optimum pH for efficient recovery was done at 8.5, good sludge with high settling rate and lower volume during recovery process was achieved. Based on these findings an economical recovery plant was designed. The recovery achieved about 99(%) at pH 8 with stirring at 90 rmp.

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