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Packing Improvement by using of Quality Function Deployment Method: A Case Study in Spare Part Automotive Industry in Indonesia
( Vol-4,Issue-1,January 2018 )


Humiras Hardi Purba, Adi Fitra , Gidionton Saritua Siagian, Widodo Dumadi


Spare Parts, Sales, Packing, Indonesia, Improvement, QFD.


Sales for automotive in Indonesia especially for 4-wheels vehicles and 2-wheels production is increase every year. Increase sales in Indonesia will be related to the needs of Spare Parts of the vehicle. Based on that, sector spare part need improvement to increase the sales and quality of spare part to gain trust of customer for buy spare part original and not buy spare part not original. Improvement will focus for packing this is because packing is one of element which can be increased sales and the difficulty to make improvements in a short time and with low investment in the field of production. QFD will be used to find best improvements for packing. Planning improvement for packing such as change material carton box (flute), redesigning, adding barcodes and hologram stickers. Results Use QFD for packaging repair. Customers are more focused on unboxing easy packing with a value of 249.5 points from 40% and substitute solid material packaging with 135 pints with 22% of QFD Technical priorities. With the following results customers prefer secure packing compared with interesting packing.

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