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Quantic Analysis of Formation of a Biomaterial of Latex, Retinol, and Chitosan for Biomedical Applications
( Vol-4,Issue-1,January 2018 )


Karina García-Aguilar, Iliana Herrera-Cantú, Erick Pedraza-Gress, Lillhian Arely Flores-Gonzalez, Manuel Aparicio-Razo, Oscar Sánchez-Parada, Emmanuel Vázquez-López, Juan Jesús García-Mar, Manuel González-Pérez


Quantum analysis, Latex, Chitosan, Retinol, Biomaterial.


The present work shows the quantum theoretical analysis and practical tests for the formation of a homogeneous mixture with Latex (Lx), Chitosan (Qn) and Retinol (Rl), which work as possible biomaterial for regeneration of epithelial tissue. Lx, Qn, and Rl compounds molecules were designed through Hyperchem to get the coefficient of electrostatic potential calculations. The amounts used to create the biomaterial are minimum depending on the quantities of molecules used in chemical design. A positive calculation was obtained for the reaction of these three compounds and the formation of the biomaterial in physical checking theory etc.

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