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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Reciprocating Reversible Front Wheel Drive Incorporated in a Trike

( Vol-1,Issue-4,July 2015 )

Author(s): Rishabh Jain , Shivam Setia , Aakash Handa

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Page No: 21-26
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Hybrid, Reciprocating, Rollover, Suspension, Trike


With growing time, there are upcoming new technologies related to driving mechanisms but indeed led to massive emissions and violation of nature laws. Oil consumption is going high and nearly half of the world oil consumption is through automotive sector. Thus there is need for some source, by which we can prevent our nature. This could be done via various methods. One such is- encouraging the use of hybrid trikes. Generally tricycles are less preferred by humans because they require more human effort, they cannot be reversed, doesn’t provide the comfortability, rollover stability is less and are slow in speed. Thus this segment aims at developing a reciprocating reversible drive mechanism in a three wheeler trike which has not been incorporated till now and brings out various advantages. Viewing into the context of INDIA, one cannot drive any vehicle without reversing, thus this mechanism allows a vehicle to be reversed and further, it also reduces the human effort required for the vehicle to move (initial torque increases). This hybrid vehicle allows, increasing the speed of vehicle and making it an all- wheel drive. Further suspension system is incorporated such that the full frame is suspended and provides at-par comfortability and excellent rollover stability to the vehicle. Other advantages include low maintenance cost, always in running condition, cheap in price and one of its kinds when it comes to eco -friendly vehicles

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