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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

RF Based Complex Impedance Measurement

( Vol-2,Issue-8,August 2016 )

Author(s): Jyoti Mishra, Ritula Thakur, Babankumar Bansod

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Page No: 1197-1201
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Complex impedance measurement, auto balancing bridge method, moisture content.


Quality of food is determined in terms of food texture, taste and appearance butmoisture content (MC) of food is a determination factor of quality & stability of the processed food. Complex impedance measurement has several advantages over conventional moisture measurement methods and can be used for portable moisture measurement. This paper presents the Auto Balancing Bridge Circuitry to determine the complex impedance of the grain sample for moisture analysis. The complex impedance measurement has been done using Auto Balancing Bridge method. Experimentation has been done to reduce the losses of internal ABB circuit so that it can provide measurements at high frequency range. At lower radio frequencies, density- independent moisture content determination is achievable with multiple-frequency measurement. Due to operational amplifier’s limitations at higher frequencies, proper design of ABB circuit is very crucial in the proposed circuit. Hence, ABB circuit in was simulated in Multisim& best opamp was selected.

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