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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Simulation of Gain flattening 32 channels EDFA-DWDM Optical System

( Vol-2,Issue-3,March 2016 )

Author(s): Amit Patni, Durgesh Kumar

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Page No: 25-28
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EDFA(Er+3 doped fiber amplifier), DWDM(Dense wavelength division multiplexing), Pump power, Input power ,NF(Noise figure)


The gain flatness of EDFA plays a very critical role in DWDM system applications in all optical network design. The main purpose of this paper is to achieve gain flatness for 32 channels in order to equalize amplitude gain of DWDM system. This system is simulated using Opti system software to achieve gain flatness of EDFA through variation of EDFA pump power and input power of system. The gains are flattened within 41±0.9 dB from Wavelength range 1546 to 1560 nm having noise figure less than 8dB, Optimized EDFA fiber length of 6.245 m and frequency spacing between channels is 0.4 nm simultaneously amplified in a EDFA of single stage. The working model consists of WDM transmitter , MUX, Pump laser, dual port WDM analyzer and EDFA as key components

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