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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Synthesis and Spectral Studies on Cardanol Based Polyurethanes

( Vol-3,Issue-1,January 2017 )

Author(s): Y. Jasmala Joy, A. Malar Retna, N.J. Sangeetha

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Page No: 001-004
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cardanol, dibutyltin dilaurate, furfural, polyurethane, resin.


Cardanol is a renewable organic resource obtained as a byproduct from the cashew industry. The present study has been carried out with an aim to manufacture rigid polyurethanes from natural and eco – friendly sources due to the rising prices of petrochemicals and also as an environmental concern. Vegetable oil based polyurethanes promising a new generation polymers which are low cost materials in the family of polyurethanes. Cardanol based phenolic resin has been synthesized by condensing cardanol with furfural in a particular mole ratio using phthalic acid as catalyst. The progress of the reaction was monitored by determining the free furfural and free phenol content. The resin was cured by using the curing agent 4, 41 - methylene bis(cyclohexyl isocyanate) and the catalyst dibutyltin dilaurate to produce polyurethane. Polyurethanes are an important class of polymers that have found place in many applications. The physico chemical and spectral properties of resin and polyurethane have also been studied.

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