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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

The Concept of "Visual Product" Concerning the Transformation of the Subject "Galatasaray-Neuchâtel Xamax Match" into an Object through Speculative thinking via the Storability Properties of the Sports Viewing Product Services

( Vol-3,Issue-9,September - September 2017 )

Author(s): A. Kepoğlu, K. Erdem

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Downloads : 164
Page No: 906-912
ijaems crossref doiDOI: 10.24001/ijaems.3.9.1


Sports, Football, Economic Product, Visual Product.


The goal is to objectify the concept of "visual product" through speculative thinking from the start point of the subject of Galatasaray-NeuchâtelXamaxmatch on the basis of a new kind of economical product brought about by the storability of service products owing to the technological changes in sports viewing products. In our study, the general screening model, which is one of the descriptive research methods, has been used (Karasar 2009). Within the scope of this descriptive scanning method, a theoretical-analytical method has been used focusing on the relevant body of literature. Descriptive studies are usually carried out to elucidate a given situation, to make assessments in line with standards, and to reveal the relationships between events (Çepni, 2007). A concept is an abstract design that encompasses the common features of objects and events, and gathers them under a common name. Thus, a concept becomes a general and abstract representation of an object, situation or phenomenon. Concepts are divided in two as a priori and a posteriori. The subject of discourse of this study is a posteriori concepts, because the concept of "visual product" can be achieved by the method of induction, utilising observation and experience. In this procedure, first the multiplicity is researched and compared, and then the similarities, differences and variables are focused on in order to objectify the subject. At the last stage, the concept of "visual product" is obtained through abstraction, by discarding the variables and differences. The continuity of the sports viewing product necessitates a definition of it. The visual product can be conceptualized as "an economic work, action, a performance, social event or an effort that is sustained by communication technology, even though it is consumed where it is produced."

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