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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

The Effects of Gender Stereotyping on Career Choice among Secondary School Students in Tanzania

( Vol-2,Issue-2,February 2016 )

Author(s): Anathe R. Kimaro, Ebenezer A. Lawuo

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Page No: 39-47
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Gender stereotyping, Gender, Career choice, traditional beliefs.


This study sought to explore the influence of gender stereotyping on career choices among secondary school students in Moshi rural district. Specifically, the study sought to examine the knowledge of career requirements among secondary school students, assess gender differences in career choice among secondary school students and examine the extent to which gender stereotyping beliefs influence career choices among secondary school students Moshi rural district. A total number of 299 students participated in the study. Data were collected using questionnaire. Data were analyzed quantitatively using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Frequencies and percentage were used to determine the level of career information and knowledge. Chi squire was used in determining the association among the variables of the study. (T-test) was conducted to compare means scores of stereotyping of career of sex and subject specialization. The study revealed that students had better knowledge on different types of careers available in the world of work. It was revealed that, teachers, parents, relatives, books, television, career role models, radio and the internet were sources of career information among secondary school students. In addition, the results showed a significant difference between re-categorized career and sex with a large effect size of, χ2 (1, n = 299) = 36.821, p =< .005, phi =.-351). Similarly, there was a statistical significant difference between re categorized career and subject specialization with a large effects size of; χ2 (1, n = 299) = 17.753, p =< .005, phi =.-255). In addition to that, findings revealed that there was significant difference between re categorized career and school with a large effect size of; χ2 (4, n = 299) =23.812, p =< .005, cramer’s v =.282). it was also revealed that, there is statistically significant difference between males (M= 39.22, SD= 5.79) and females (M= 36.4, SD=5.82; t (297) = 4.17, p= <.005 in career preferance. However, it was established that there was no relationship between beliefs towards gender stereotyping and career path.

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