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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

The Indispensable Styles, Characteristics and Skills for Charismatic Leadership in Times of Crisis

( Vol-2,Issue-5,May 2016 )

Author(s): Dr. Akram Jalal Karim

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Page No: 363-372
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Indispensable, economic crisis, earthquakes, Leadership Skills.


This research was conducted to explore the concept of charismatic leadership in times of crisis. It provides an overview of the key elements for leadership that are essentials for managing crises. A conceptual framework for Charismatic Leadership Style, Characteristics and skills was proposed based on various existing Crisis Leadership theories to offer a comprehensive crisis leadership model. A Delphi study with scholars in the leadership field was used to measure the proposed framework and, after three rounds, two styles, ten characteristics and five skills were identified as comprehensive charismatic Leadership. The research conclude that this framework is essential and can be used to measure the leader’s powers and faintness and to get ready for erratic extreme occurrences as they are inevitable.

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