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The Influence of Learning using Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach to Physics Learning outcomes of High School Students
( Vol-4,Issue-6,June 2018 )


Caroline Claudia Anggina Neftyan, Eko Suyanto, Agus Suyatna


Contextual Teaching and Learning Approach, Learning Outcomes.


Learning process should be able to attract interest and make students active in learning, which material can be taken directly through the phenomenon experienced in daily life. This study aims to determine the influence of learning using Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach to physics learning outcomes of Newton's Law about Motion. The sample is students of class X MIA5 in SMA Negeri 14 Bandarlampung using Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. Techniques of data collection using cognitive learning outcomes test instrument. The data analyzed by using normality test, N-Gain test, and Paired Sample T-test. The result of research indicates that there is the influence of using CTL approach in improving student learning outcomes of Newton's Law About motion, with p-value significantly different at 95% confidence level so it can be stated that there is the difference of pretest and posttest mean result using CTL approach. The average N-Gain score is 0.73 which included in the high category. It shows that the application of CTL approach has influence in improving student learning outcomes.

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