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International Journal of Advanced Engineering, Management and Science

Special Issue-1(ICSESD-2017)

Sr No. Title

Flux-based turn-to-turn fault protection for power transformer

Author: Aarati Rajput, Mr. C. R.Lakade

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.1

  • Page No: 001-008

Literature Review on Design of MPPT Based Stand-Alone Solar PV System for Small Load Applications

Author: Amruta Fulzele, Prashant Meshram

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.2

  • Page No: 009-014

Gamma Radiolytic Remediation of Aqueous Solutions of Malachite Green Dye

Author: A. P. Fartode, D.V. Parwate, I. B. Das Sarma

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.3

  • Page No: 015-018

Design of Microcontroller Controlled Solar panel

Author: Prof. (Ms.) Bhagyashree Shikkewal, Prof.(Mrs.) Radhika Sinnarkar

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.4

  • Page No: 019-020

Utilization of Plastic waste in construction of Roads

Author: Burande Bharati

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.5

  • Page No: 021-024

Power Quality Improvement of Wind Power by Mitigation of Harmonics using Statcom

Author: MayurMahabudhe, Miss. Rashmi Singh

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.6

  • Page No: 025-030

Greywater Treatment by Constructed Wetland: A New Age Technique

Author: D. B. Rana, M. K. N. Yenkie, N. T. Khati, A. G. Haldar, P. J. Puri

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.7

  • Page No: 031-034

Synthesis of Yb3+ doped Sr2CeO4 phosphor and its luminescence characteristic to enhance solar cell performance

Author: Deepak R. Taikar

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.8

  • Page No: 035-037

Compensation of Voltage Fluctuation by using Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) with the Different Control Techniques

Author: Suraj Ankush Dahat, Nikhil Bodele, Sumit Bagde

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.9

  • Page No: 038-044

Reducing Ferranti Effect in Transmission Line using Dynamic Voltage Restorer

Author: Miss. Reshma Tarannum, Mr. Rashmi Singh

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.10

  • Page No: 045-050

Nanofabrication: An Advance techniques to Prepare Nanodevices

Author: U.V.Gaikwad, S.V.Gaikwad

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.11

  • Page No: 051-058

Selective Harmonic Elimination with Reduced Switch Topology in Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter

Author: Mr.M.V.Kurwale, Mr.R.D.Jawale, Mr.A.N.Deshmukh , Dr.S.P.Adhau

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.12

  • Page No: 059-062

Solar Power Based Hybrid Cooler

Author: Prof.Mayank Gupta, Prof.(Ms)Bhagyashree Shikkewal

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.13

  • Page No: 063-065

Thermo-physical Properties of L-Arginine in aqueous and aqueous NaCl Solutions at Different Temperatures

Author: Vijay M. Tangde, Nikhat G. Sheikh, LathaMalladi, Dnyanesh H. Tikhe

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.14

  • Page No: 066-070

Economic Bilateral Contracts Using Relative Electrical Distance Concept in Open Access

Author: Lavaniya, Dr. S. R. Kalambe, N. Bawankule, V. Warudkar

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.15

  • Page No: 071-076

Performance Analysis of Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter

Author: Mr. Nilay Ashok Sawalakhe, Miss. Rashmi Singh

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.16

  • Page No: 077-081

Image Segmentation to Analyze Leprosy Patch Images

Author: Prafulla N. Aerkewar, Dr. G. H. Agrawal

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.17

  • Page No: 082-089

MECHATRONICS for Advanced Mini Rice Mill Optimization using VLSI Based Microcontroller

Author: Prafulla N. Aerkewar, Sandeep Pimpalgaonkar, Mayank Gupta

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.18

  • Page No: 090-092

Power Quality Improvement of Hybrid System using Active Control Methods

Author: Prof. Pravin G. Dhawale, Prof. Sandip S. Godhade

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.19

  • Page No: 093-095

Development of Storage Less Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Regulator for Mitigation of Voltage Sag and Swell

Author: Supriya R. Hangargekar, Suraj Ankush Dahat

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.20

  • Page No: 096-102

Adsorption of Basic Dyes by using Activated Carbon prepared from Industrial Waste Lignin

Author: R. A. Nandanwar, A. R. Chaudhari, J. D. Ekhe

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.21

  • Page No: 103-109

Nuclear Power in India: Viability of Thorium fuel utilization

Author: I. B. Das Sarma, A. P. Sahasrabhojanee

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.22

  • Page No: 110-114

At-Source / Upstream Sewage Treatment is the prescription For Saving the Rivers in India

Author: Architect Pradyumna Sahasrabhojanee

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.23

  • Page No: 115-118

Bio ceramics, the Future implant material: A review

Author: Aruna Dani

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.24

  • Page No: 119-120

Carbon Quantum Dots : Synthesis and Optronics Applications

Author: Swati S. Soley

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.25

  • Page No: 121-124

Formulation of Approximate Generalized Experimental Data Base Model of Instantaneous Torque Related Term for Human Powered Food Grain Crusher

Author: M. S. Giripunje, J. P. Modak, M. P. Singh

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.26

  • Page No: 125-130

Biophysics of Shifting from Laser to UVB Phototherapy for vitiligo Treatment

Author: Dr. A.B. Lad, U.R.Kathale

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.31

  • Page No: 131-134

2000 M S Classification: 11A41 Pronic Numbers

Author: Anant W. Vyawahare, Rishikumar K. Agrawal, Sanjay M. Deshpande

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.32

  • Page No: 135-137

Study of Effect of Annealing on Chemically Deposited CdS and ZnS Thin Films

Author: K. K. Hurde, A. B. Lad

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.33

  • Page No: 138-141

Bioethanol production from water hyacinth, cattails and duckweeds using different chemical pretreatment methods

Author: Bhetalu A.D., Patil S.S.

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.34

  • Page No: 142-146

Construction and Preliminary Screening of Metagenomic Library from Lonar Crater Lake, India

Author: Ms. Priya Borekar

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.36

  • Page No: 147-153

Isolation and Characterization of Bioluminescent Bacteria

Author: Rashmi A. Wanjari, Arti S. Shanware*

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.37

  • Page No: 154-158

Synthesis and Electric behavior of Cd-doped nano-size spinel ferrites

Author: A.K. Nandanwar, D.S. Chaoudhary, S.A.Tirpude, K.G. Rewatkar

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.38

  • Page No: 159-162

Antioxidant, Antifungal activity and Isomerisation: Synthesis of 1,2,3,5- thiatriazines

Author: Dr. Mahesh K. Gaidhane

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.39

  • Page No: 163-171

EPR and DFT studies of one-electron reduction of phospholes

Author: Prashant Adkine, Priyanka Warnekar, Seema Rawat, Satish Tiwari, Michel Geoffroy

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.40

  • Page No: 172-177

FPGA Implementation of High Throughput Cache Controller

Author: Khushbu Lalwani, Mayuri Chawla

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.46

  • Page No: 178-182

Denoising of Images using wavelet Bayesian Network

Author: Prof. Anil Bavaskar, Sangita Kulkarni

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.47

  • Page No: 183-189

Review on A cyber physical system for monitoring and controlling of industrial pollution using Raspberry Pi

Author: Supriya M. Wasnik, Sunil Gupta

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.48

  • Page No: 190-193

Literature Survey: A Design Approach to Smart System based on Internet of Thing (IoT) for Intelligent Transportation

Author: Sunilkumar.N. Palod, Dr. P.S.Sharma, Dr. S.L.Badjate

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.49

  • Page No: 194-197

Human Face Detection & Recognition Using Raspberry Pi

Author: Harshal V. Khodaskar, Shashank Mane

DOI: 10.24001/icsesd2017.50

  • Page No: 198-205